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Social Little Me 

"For all those included, including all those who matter, knowing everyone matters."

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a space, and the opportunity, to include our tiny humans with special needs in the same activities as their typically developing peers? And in building those mutually beneficial relationships, we help develop empathy in those children, who will one day become adults who lead with grace and kindness as it relates to others who may be just a little different. Join us as we change the world one Social Little Me at a time.

Inclusion Groups

All Social Little Me learners are placed into their inclusion group based on age. Each age group has an overarching target and corresponding curriculum with a new focus, incorporated into the monthly theme, introduced weekly. See below to find the appropriate group for your learner.


Little Bug

(2 months - 23 months)

Parent Inclusive Group

Our Little Bugs need a little help exploring themselves and the world around them with a focus on gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, and an introduction to language development.


Target: Whole Child Development

Max. Class Size: 6 Learners

Duration: 1 Hour


Busy Bee

(2 years old)

Busy Bees are always on the move! We want to empower our Busy Bees with the appropriate tools to become successful at effectively communicating their wants and needs in the absence of caregivers.


Target: Speech and Language

Max. Class Size: 4 Learners

Duration: 2 Hours


(3 years old - 4 years old)


Entering into school-readiness age, little Caterpillars go from being, in their mind, the center of the world to having to share it and invite others in, seemingly overnight. Let's help them navigate through this new experience.


Target: Social Skills

Max. Class Size: 6 Learners

Duration: 2 Hours



(5 years old - 6 years old)

Butterflies are experiencing really big feelings on an ongoing basis throughout their day. We want to introduce them to these new feelings and equip them with the necessary skills to work through each of these emotions.


Target: Social/Emotional Skills

Max. Class Size: 6 Learners

Duration: 2 Hours



(7 years old - 9 years old)

No longer babies and not quite yet big kids, Grasshoppers are continuously trying to figure out where they fit in in the world. They're tasked with doing "hard things" on their own. In this, let's set them up for the most success.


Target: Ind. Living & Exec. Functioning

Max. Class Size: 8 Learners

Duration: 2 Hours



(10 years old - 12 years old)

As Dragonflies transition through the pre-teen stage and into becoming teenagers, work skill development is a crucial element in preparing them for the school years and future vocational experiences to come.


Target: Vocational & Exec. Functioning

Max. Class Size: 8 Learners

Duration: 2 Hours

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