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Mission & Vision

At Social Little Me, we're committed to providing children with a naturalistic and inclusive environment that promotes socialization and growth. Our interdisciplinary approach combines play-based learning with evidence-based strategies that support development across the board. Our program is tailored to help children with special needs and their typically developing peers reach developmental milestones together, bridging the gaps and learning from one another.

Core Values


Creating a space where all, regardless of gender, race, identity, or ability, are welcome, accepted, and respected. Providing an experience led by grace, empathy, and compassion.


Providing our team with resources to provide the highest quality of services which promotes an environment that is conducive to continuous learning for both the team and those we serve.


A commitment to continuously expand our skills and knowledge as people and professionals. Ensuring to keep up with the ever changing interdisciplinary fields to consistently meet the needs of each of our learners.


Passion for the work we do and the people we serve, supporting each child and family as if they were our own. A personal desire to hold ourselves accountable to ensure each goal is met with every step we take on each individual journey.


Leading with love, kindness, and compassionate care. Knowing that each of us have the same basic needs, though the road to meeting these needs may differ among us all - meeting each child where they are to ultimately meet their own specific needs.


Program Goals

Bridge the generalization gap, as it relates to learning and socialization, in naturalistic environments between children with special needs and their typically developing peers in areas of social-emotional, language, sensory, cognitive, executive functioning, motor, and play skill development.

Increase awareness and acceptance, as well as, improve emotional intelligence and empathy in typically developing children as it relates to their peers with special needs.

Create increased opportunities to model and imitate developmentally appropriate behavior in naturalistic environments in preparation for school-readiness and real world situations.

Our Founder

Kaa'liyah, CEO

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, I attended Xavier University of Louisiana with a major in psychology and a minor in business administration.

I started my professional journey working with children with special needs, in the non-public school setting, at The Children's Guild in Baltimore, MD as a Therapeutic Behavior Aide serving children with emotional disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and multiple disabilities.

I entered the world of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) by way of the Kennedy Krieger Institute Neurobehavioral Unit in Baltimore, MD as a Clinical Specialist. There, I dedicated my time to the assessment and treatment of children and young adults with severe and treatment-resistant behavioral disorders and developmental disabilities.

With no desire to become clinically certified but all the will to make a difference, as the years passed and I grew in the field of ABA, I went on to obtain supervisory and operational positions in ABA.

In these roles, I felt I missed out on the day-to-day, hands on experiences of working directly with the little ones I served. I knew there was so much more I could do, but there wasn't a position that existed for me to accomplish what I felt needed to be done.

In all of the programs I encountered, I noticed that one of the biggest barriers was the lack of integration and the inability to generalize the skills across contexts, locations, and individuals - particularly, in naturalistic settings with their typically developing peers. So I decided to create the position and the opportunity for myself. And thus, Social Little Me was born.

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