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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does my child need to have a diagnosis to participate?

Absolutely not! The purpose of Social Little Me is to create an all-inclusive environment for children of all abilities. Both children with special needs, including physical disabilities, and typically developing children can benefit from a space where they experience a diverse spectrum of needs among their peers.


My child requires one on one assistance. Is this feasible?

In the long term, yes. Once we are able to provide staffing to those children who require one on one assistance, there is no reason why they cannot enjoy the Social Little Me experience! As of now, while staffing is still being identified, if caregivers are willing to join the session as their learner's dedicated, one on one aide, they are welcome to do so!


How much does it cost for my child to join?

With the exception of play group participants, all learners will pay a $15 registration fee that will last through the duration of the trimester and must be paid at the start of each new semester.

Monthly tuition for all inclusion groups is $180 which covers once per week sessions for the duration of that month - tuition will be prorated if starting after the first session of the month.


If choosing not to commit to once per week sessions and you would instead like your learner to participate on an occasional basis, tuition is $50 per session, plus the $15 one-time per trimester registration fee.

Play groups are $15 per session and is paid on an on-demand basis. As there is no commitment for the month, there is no monthly tuition. Play group fees may be paid in advance to secure a spot in upcoming groups.


My child engages in behaviors, can they still participate?

Engaging in behaviors does not automatically disqualify your learner from being accepted into the Social Little Me program. If the behavior requires frequent physical blocking or redirection, or poses imminent risk to the learner or others, Social Little Me may not be the appropriate program for your child at this time. As we want all children to be able to experience the benefits of Social Little Me, if there are some concerns not involving safety, a trial session may be offered to see if Social Little Me is a good fit for your learner.


How do we sign up?

For Pilot Group and Future Enrollment inquiries, please visit the respective pages, read through the information, and complete the interest form. Those selected will receive formal application materials.

All learners selected to move forward in the application process must complete a formal application, assessment, and interview - interviews will be conducted with the learner when applicable in addition to a caregiver(s) interview.

For Play Group inquiries, please visit the page, read the information, and complete the interest form. Once received, Play Group schedule and information will be sent to you along with registration links.


How is the curriculum developed?

The Social Little Me team has done extensive research and consulted with pediatric professionals across disciplines and developmental domains. Key, foundational principles and targets are introduced into the curriculum using evidence-based strategies and a play-based approach.

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