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Social Little Me is currently looking for consistent advisory board members, including parent advocates, to join our team. These members will serve as a voice across developmental domains to fine tune our curriculum and approach as we grow and stay current on the ever-changing trends of each interdisciplinary field.

Not interested being a part of the decision making processes but want to be involved in the ground-level work - interacting with and engaging our learners during sessions and play groups? Volunteers are always welcome, including teens! Whether it's to help lead a session, be an extra set of eyes or hands, or just be there to offer a little extra care and support, Social Little Me welcomes you!

The Social Little Me team has a lineup of social events for our learners, their families, and the surrounding communities. If you are interested in supporting the mission and vision of Social Little Me, without a long-term commitment, this may be the opportunity for you. It may be your time, a service, or a product that you want to contribute. When the time is right for you, Social Little Me welcomes you, too!

All Social Little Me team positions are currently voluntary until further notice. Paid positions will be available at a later time. If you are interested in joining the team, please send an email to that expresses your interest in joining the team and your contact information, and a member of the team will reach out you! The Social Little Me team wants to thank you in advance and looks forward to our time together!

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